Parenting Time & Custody

Seasoned Prior Lake Attorney Negotiating Parenting Time and Custody in Minnesota

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Jodi Langhorst See Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services, PLLC understands your concern for the welfare of your children. In more than 30 years of legal work, we have seen the decisions made in a divorce and the adults’ conduct during the proceedings have a serious emotional impact on children.

When possible, we encourage amicable resolution of parenting time and child custody issues. However, we never walk away from a fight when your parental rights are in jeopardy.

Aggressive representation. Sensible solutions.

Attorney Jodi See and her assistant, Lorraine, know that nothing is more devastating than losing your parental rights. We have developed a solid reputation among clients for our dedication to them and their children.

We develop an unshakable case to present to a family law judge and thwart any attempt by your ex-spouse to obtain sole custody or to limit your visitation rights. We vigorously defend fathers’ rights and mothers’ rights, and we protect your children’s interests through strong advocacy and rock-solid parenting time and custody agreements aimed at preventing future conflict. We address:

  • Primary custody
  • Number of overnights for each parent
  • Pick-up and drop-off schedules and locations
  • Vacation, holiday and summer schedules
  • School, extracurricular and family functions
  • Virtual visitation — staying connected via the Internet
  • Grandparent rights and visitation

When parents just cannot agree on custody and visitation

Sometimes, your interests and those of your children are best served by a court-ordered custody study by a neutral professional. The neutral party investigates your situation and makes a recommendation to the court about what custody and visitation should be in your case. This process is critical in determining long-term custody and parenting rights. Divorce attorney Jodi See is particularly suited to help you navigate it because she often conducts custody studies and acts as a court-appointed parenting time expeditor.

Clients also benefit from attorney See’s regular work in divorce mediation and alternative dispute resolution including Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) and Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE).

When you or your ex-spouse’s circumstances change, attorney Jodi See can go back to court to seek or prevent modification of the custody or parenting time order.

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