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Obtaining and enforcing fair support payments in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area

The government and family courts do their best to make child support determinations straightforward. Support is supposed to be based on state guidelines that account for parents’ income, overnights and extraordinary expenses. Unfortunately, the decision is rarely clear-cut.

Child support attorney Jodi See has seen parents — those paying support — employ questionable tactics to reduce their child support burden. Sometimes money just disappears, or parents use closely-held businesses, family and friends to hide their money to avoid paying their fair share.  They also become voluntarily unemployed or underemployed or they maximize their own overnight time so that the child is with the custodial parent was to avoid paying support.

On the other hand, custodial parents sometimes resort to similar subterfuge, requiring the non-custodial parent to challenge a support award or increase.

Ensuring your child support rights are protected

At Jodi Langhorst See Law Office & Dispute Resolution Services, PLLC, we understand financial matters and Minnesota child support law. Divorce lawyer Jodi See protects clients’ interests in proceedings to determine child support, enforce a child support order or modify child support when circumstances change.

Family lawyers on both sides of child support disputes work hard to persuade courts to deviate from the state guidelines. It is imperative that your lawyer understand the child support system and how best to make it work for you.

We also help obtain fair spousal support or maintenance agreements.

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